Thursday, April 17, 2008

WIP thursday

Well I was ultra busy yesterday so I missed out on WIP Weds but I figured I'd post today instead.

As some of you know, I have yet to complete knitting a pair of socks. This is somewhat of an annoyance to my knitting friends who would like ever so much to share in this (apparent) joy with me. I tried once to knit a sock and it didnt go very well (first time with lace, first time with small needles) so I lost interest. But I promised to at least give it a try. So here I am. I'm using Lyon Brand magic stripes yarn (using the stash!) and a pattern I got in my sock knitting kit for my birthday last year something like Beginners socks on a handout from Knitting Pure and Simple. I did a gauge swatch, but it didnt do much good. I have a tendency to cast on very tight, so I CO holding two needles together. I CO the number of stitches the pattern suggested for women's socks, but after about 2 inches into it I could tell they were socks for a bear. Frog frog frog (after looking at my gauge). Start over. Even though I CO the amount of sts my gauge suggested, here I am at about 4 inches in and they still looked like man socks. I decreased 6 sts. Still look like man socks. I am NOT frogging. If they end up man socks then I'll give them to a man.

Here IT is in all its glory.

I hate socks. And I've barely begun one. I dont see how this is supposed to be FUN. Cuz its not.

Oh and I was wait-listed at Drexel in case you are wondering. So cross your fingers I get accepted into the "back-up plan" masters program at Johns Hopkins. Otherwise I'm going to have no career options and no where to go and I'll be insanely depressed. Life sucks.
At least the weather is nice out now. And M passed his nursing boards (I knew he would!). Though it seems our lives are heading in opposite directions so were not sure what "we" are or what we want to be. But at least its fun whatever it is.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Savy Savy He's our man!

Finally! Bruins won a playoff game against Montreal tonight! Savard scored the game-winner in overtime, Lucic scored the other goal of the game. Wish I coulda' been there! Savard scoring the game-winner was nice b/c he's been out w/ a broken bone in his back, and injury he got after a Montreal player cross-checked him a couple weeks ago. I heart the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
Go Bruins!

Monday, April 7, 2008

heart in throat

So for the past three weeks I've been eagerly anticipating the decision of Drexel Med. (Remember, I interviewed there in Jan) Two weeks ago, I called the admissions office with questions about the FAFSA, but before I could ask my question the guy on the phone was telling me that decisions were slowly being made, I should be patient, I'll hear from them in the next 2-3 weeks, and dont forget, I can check my status online too. They must get a lot of phone calls regarding admissions decisions this time of the year.
After the guy told me about the online status I've been religiously logging on every other day and checking. Every time it has said that a decision has not yet been made, but to check back. Until today. Today my status said that a decision has been reached and a letter was sent to the preferred address. Cue nervous stomach ache. For the past 10 weeks I've surprised myself with my lack of worry and stress over this matter. Probably b/c I knew there was nothing I could do to speed up the process and theres no point in worrying until I actually get the decision. But now, I know its in the mail and my stomach is in knots. Worse yet is I dont even know what I want the letter to say. I change my mind every day. I suppose having options would be nice. And knowing that I didnt spend gobs and gobs of money for nothing would be nice too. Sigh.....
So the med school moment of truth will soon arrive.....
Coincidentally (or not?) M took his nursing boards today and is convinced he failed. I hope he's wrong.

In other news I bought a ticket to go to Lollapalooza yesterday! Very excited about that! Radiohead, NIN, and a reunited Rage Against the Machine! Nothing better!